Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Raising HCAHPS Results > Cleanliness of Room and Bathroom

Many hospitals are struggling to raise HCAHPS results using a variety of action plans with varying results. Leading hospitals have a full action plan including experts in each area of concern on the survey. Keep watching while I blog a series on the components of an HCAHPS improvement strategy. The following issue is a critical component to any HCAHPS improvement strategy.

Issue #4, Cleanliness of Room and Bathroom: No matter if hospitals insource or outsource environmental services, there are times that housekeeping miss a detail that becomes a memorable gap in the patient’s experience. In the Errand Solutions Warm Welcome rounding program, we visit each new patient and review a checklist of issues including room cleanliness, water and ice refills, and room temperature issues. Our once-over helps the hospital team address interim clean-up opportunities right away, as well as detect systemic improvement opportunities by identifying patterns.

Why wait to see complaints on surveys? Be proactive and check out http://www.errandsolutions.com/site/patient.htm for ideas on how Errand Solutions helps leading healthcare organizations.

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